Bad Health Habits

Stop Drinking Soda for your Good

8d2370b2e5c506e0_WeightLoss_18.xxxlargeYes, it is hard to resist, but you need to know that soda is not good for you. And yes, its pleasant fizz, sweet taste and energizing jolt often looks like a perfect thing to wash down your dinner, quench your thirst at the movies or get you through an afternoon slump.

But, be aware that the more soda you drink (no matter if it is diet or regular), the more dangerous your habit could become. Cutting back can have advantages for your overall health and your weight whether you’re an occasional soft-drink sipper or a day drinker.
Why you should quit
The excess calories are the main risk for regular soda drinkers. The calories in regular soda are totally coming from added sugar, and you aren’t getting any value in terms of minerals or vitamins, or even good quality carbohydrates.

Soda can cause other types of harm as well. The consumption of soda is linked with diabetes and tooth decay, and it also seems to be bad for your bones. So, is this enough for you to stop drinking soda beverages?
What about diet soda?
These types of sugar-free sodas maybe do not have any calories, but still that doesn’t mean sodas are good for you. Actually, they cannot even help you to lose some weight. Keep in mind that diet soda drinkers are more likely to be obese or overweight than regular soda drinkers.

Reason-To-Stop-Drinking-Soda-You-Can-Lose-1-Pound-A-Week-By-Saying-Good-Bye-To-SodaAlso, diet soda drinks have many of the same health risks as regular soft drinks, such as bone thinning and tooth decay, and they’ve also been linked to depression and heart disease in women. A smart first step would be switching to diet sodas e if you’re trying to get rid of excess calories, but your best bet would be to give them up.
You should switch to unsweetened tea
Do you need that jolt of caffeine to wake you up in the morning? Well, if you aren’t a coffee drinker, then you should stick to unsweetened iced tea. It can be refreshing as well, and there are real health benefits by drinking the phytochemicals in tea.

You can mix your tea with some mint, lemon, or a small amount of artificial sweetener or sugar —during your transition from soda phase, if you don’t like the taste of plain tea. The most important thing is that you’re in charge of and aware of what’s going into your drink and how much is added.
You should drink a glass of water first
Fill up a big glass of ice water and finish that first whenever the urge to drink a soda hits. Many times, people drink soda just because they’re feeling bored, or they’re thirsty, and the only available thing is soda, or that is simply because they’re used to drink soda every time.

If you’re still have a desire for a soda drink after you’ve downed your water, then you can think again whether it’s really worth it—but chances are your thirst will be satisfied and you will feel quenched from just the water.

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