Hammer and Chisel Containers: For The Right Quantity of Foods That You Need

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The hammer and chisel nutritional program revolves around a system of portion control, which is then based upon a foundation of color coded containers. These containers have been designed to replace the complicated calorie counting system, in order for you to carry out your nutritional plan with ease.
If you are interested in knowing more about these container continue reading for a comprehensive review.

The 6 Containers You Should Know About

1. Green Container: The largest container is composed of vegetables, as vegetables contain the highest concentration of nutrients that you need.
Green Container= 1 cup of veggies

2. Purple Container: The purple container is equivalent in size to the green container, however, instead of vegetables it contains healthy fruits.
Purple Container= 1 cup of fruit

3. Red Container: The red container is made up of lean proteins, which are crucial in building lean muscle.
Red Container= 3/4 cup of protein

4. Yellow Container: The yellow container container consists of starches/carbs, which work to provide you with energy for the day.
Yellow Container= 1/2 cup of carbs/starches

5. Blue Container: The blue container contains healthy fats, mainly cheese, nuts, avocado, and coconut.
Blue Container= 1/3 cup of healthy fats

6. Two Orange Containers: The orange containers are the smallest of the bunch, and they hold the seeds, oils, and dressings that you will need to make your meal tasty.
Two Orange Containers= 2 tablespoons of seeds, dressings and oils

7. Teaspoons: While a teaspoon is not a container, it is a helpful measurement that you will come across in the nutritional program. Teaspoons refers to the amount of oil and butter that you will need to cook your food.

Calculating Calorie Range

Before you start allocating the color coded containers, you need to first determine your calorie range. You can do this using a simple calculation:
(Your current weight by 11) + 350= Your calorie goal/range
The value that you get should be between 1200 and 2300 calories, and once you get this value move on to the next step.

How Much Should You Eat Of Each Container?

You cannot consume the containers willy-nilly; the number of container allocated to you on a daily basis depends on the calorie range that you fall into (1200-2300 calories). Once you have determined the calorie range that you fall into, you can then use the guide below to find out your daily container distribution.
This process is incredibly simple, and will take you only a couple of seconds. Here it the daily container distribution guide:

calorie target chart

hammer and chisel Containers Tips

The hammer and chisel plan is a formula that is simple to follow but delivers the same amazing results that you need. Simplicity, is the key to the success you need when you plan on losing weight. Therefore, you need to eat the right amount or the correct portions of food each day so you can maintains your weight losing plan. The hammer and chisel ensures this by the seven color-coded containers and a Shakeology shaker cup for the right amount of drink or the proper combination of the drinks. These containers ensure that you never have too much to eat or too little which will in effect prove very helpful in your quest to lose weight.

You can ultimately put as much food as you need in these containers just as long as the food fits inside the seven of them. These containers are as follows and their requirements when putting food in them. *The Green container is for vegetables. Vegetables are an essential part in any weight loss and they are highly recommended as they really prove to be helpful.*The Purple container is for fruits. Actually, there’s not much that we all do not know about the very helpful benefits of fruits health wise.*The Red container is for proteins. These are foods such as meat (red or white), beans and eggs. Still maintaining that mantra that, as long as it fits, put it in.*The Yellow container is meant for carbohydrates. These include foods such as, bread, corn and all sorts of grains and potatoes, this is just a small list so you can add on more, don’t restrict yourself to only these.*The Blue container is for healthy fats and cheese because we all know about the love of cheese.*The Two Orange containers ensure that you don’t forget your seeds and oils. The Shakeology Shaker Cup which is meant for drinks.

All these containers are meant to fit perfectly and snuggle in any carrying bag so you can take them to work or school for the rest of the day. The lids are also great so you need not worry about them opening and spilling the contents of the container. They emphasize on eating healthier and in controlled portions ensure that you meet the daily calorific intake that is required for your normal bodily functioning. The containers are extremely easy to clean so you never have to worry about hygiene when you have this containers. They are also BPA free (this is to ensure that they don’t have any toxic properties that were used in making them).

The hammer and chisel containers are meant to ensure that you have the right quantities of the foods that you normally take so you never have too much of what is required. These containers do not necessarily mean that you put even foods that are bound to harm the effectiveness of this program. So, eat cleaner, healthier foods as this is mainly the emphasis of these on trainers and you will have the results that you want. So, trust this program to deliver the loss of weight that you want as long as you follow the steps as stipulated and you put the right amounts of food in them.


With this simple guide, you now know everything there is to know about hammer and chisel containers. Apply this portion control to your nutritional plan, and then supplement it with your workouts. Best of luck on this hammer and chisel journey!

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