10 Tricks To Avoid Knee Pain

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Knee pain is a prevalent problem among active individuals, and unfortunately this gets in the way of completing exercise routines and physical activities. The question that is now posed is how to go about your activities without further injury to your knee joint.

Tricks To Avoid Knee Pain

How can you complete your treadmill run or cycling route without experiencing excruciating pain? I have these answers below, and once you read them you can begin implementing them with fantastic pain-free results.

Ten Tricks To Avoid Knee Pain

  1. Tweak Your Form

Many runners experience achy knees because their running style is incorrect, and by simply tweaking your form you can eliminate all the pain in your knees. So what exactly is the proper running form?

A recent study in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise has shown that by slightly leaning forward (skier’s stance) as you run you can dramatically reduce the weight placed on your knees. When your knees are not absorbing a lot of shock from running hard, you will experience less knee pain.


Additionally, you should shorten the length of your running strides and land on your mid foot or forefoot in order to protect your knees and joints.

  1. Stay At A Healthy Weight

When you pack on the pounds, you increase the load that is placed on your knees. In fact, for every extra pound you put on you put a corresponding four pounds of pressure on your knees. This weight is felt every time you walk, exercise, and climb stairs.

And while you might be thinking that this is only a problem that obese individuals experience, it will occur after just 5 or 10 pounds of added weight. Therefore it is important shed any extra weight so that you can prevent knee pain from occurring.

  1. Avoid Springing Up And Down The Stairs

While running up and down the stairs might seem like a great mid-day exercise routine, it puts unwanted pressure on your knee caps. If you weigh 150 pounds, then using the short equation I gave you about you can deduce that the pressure on your knees will be 600 pounds.

So unless you are in great shape, it is wise to slowly walk up and use the railing if you want additional support.

  1. Stay Off Uneven Terrain

If you are susceptible to knee injuries or are suffering from osteoarthritis, then it is wise to walk on well used paths and sidewalks rather than grass and cobblestone. This is because uneven terrain adds stress to your knees, and increases your chances of tripping.

  1. Don’t Over Exert Yourself During Exercise Routines

Lunges and squats are great exercise routines for your lower body muscles and core, however, you should ensure that you always keep proper from during these routines. Bending your leg past the recommended 90 degree angle will put excess strain on your knees.

You should therefore ensure that your knee remains directly over your foot.

  1. Exercise Your Inner Thighs

As I mentioned briefly above, the knees absorb pressure when you walk. However, by exercising the hip adductor muscles found in the inner part of your thigh you can take off some of the stress that might otherwise by placed on your knees.

  1. Ensure Correct Seat Positioning During Spin Class

If you love attending spin class, then this point is for you. When you sit down on your bike ensure that the seat is not set too low, but rather set high enough so that your knee is completely straight when the pedal of the bike is at its lowest point.

  1. Participate In Low Impact Activities

If you are no stranger to knee pain, then you can avoid further pain by sticking to low impact activities like swimming and walking. High-impact activities like running, jumping, and tackling steep inclines will only aggravate old knee pain.

  1. Wear Protective Gear

Knee pain often comes as a result of injuries during high-impact activities. By wearing protective gear like kneepads during sports you can prevent knee pain from occurring. Additionally, you should be wearing correct and good-fitting sports shoes to ensure that you minimize on pain caused by the wrong equipment.

  1. Always Warm-Up

One thing that many people forget to do is to warm-up before participating in a physical activity or exercise routine. When you do this you get the blood around your knee flowing, in turn ensuring that you do not experience pain.

The ten tips I have given above are key if you want to avoid knee pain. By implementing these tricks in your daily routine you can prevent injuries and the resulting pain, in addition to improving your overall heath and well being. Good luck on your journey!


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